• Friday, March 27th, 2009

What do you think of when you contemplate on the words “New Omnipotent Ways”?  Omnipotent means absolute, almighty, infinite, unlimited….I think you get it.  For me this word describes the qualities of our Almighty Father God, our Creator!

If you focus on experiencing N.O.W. (New Omnipotent Ways), and connect with your positive emotions and feelings at the same time, God will help you attract new, almighty ways of achieving results in your life!

Remember, you are a spiritual being, living in a physical body.  You were made in God’s image.  Your spirit consists of energetic frequencies which resonate at particular levels.  Your thoughts have these energy frequencies as well.  So when you focus on what you want AND you allow yourself to feel the feelings of already having those desires, the frequencies of those thoughts and feelings will be resonating at a particular level or frequency.  These energy frequencies will then attract those similar things that are resonating at the same level.  This is why we get what we focus on!

Also keep in mind that we are one with the Father.  So when we align our will with God’s will, He is the one who places HIS DESIRES on our hearts and in our minds.  We can then believe that our desires are actually God’s desires for us.  If you are aligning your will with God’s will, then there is no reason to feel guilty about going for your dreams and desires!  They are His desires for you anyway!

Do yourself a favor today and focus on what you believe God’s desires are for you, and feel those emotions and feelings you get when you believe that you already have those desires!  God will bring them to you.  Some people say that the “Universe” will bring them to you.  Isn’t God “the Universe” anyway?  He IS the One who created our Universe.  Hopefully many more people will one day be strong and courageous enough to submit to the fact that our awesome Creator and “the Universe” is indeed GOD, our Omnipotent and Almighty Father!

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