• Saturday, August 01st, 2009

Capture Those Positive Feelings And Overcome Your Misfortunes
By Susan M. Hampton

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed?  Have you found a way to cope with
your adverse situations?  Adversity is sometimes defined as “misfortune”.
Are you feeling a bit unlucky?

Let me ask you this…what are you focusing on?  Are you consumed with
thoughts of lack or feeling down OR are you finding ways to cancel those
negative thoughts that come up, and replace them with positive flowing
thoughts, words, and actions?  Have you found any tools or techniques
to help you transform those negative feelings into positively-charged

Many people are starting to learn about the importance of maintaining
positive FEELINGS.  In the past, so many have focused on just maintaining
a positive attitude or being careful with their thoughts and words.  What
about your feelings though?

Next time you have a challenging day, filled with feelings of being
overwhelmed, frustrated, or perhaps just stressed out, do yourself a
favor.  Take the time to think about a really happy and fun time in your
life, that was filled with the feelings you experienced when you achieved
success accompanied with joy and laughter.  You might even find that
you have to go all the way back to your childhood, before you can think
about an incident or experience that really thrilled you.

Then sit with yourself quietly for a few minutes and think about how
you really felt during that happy time.  How does that feel to you?
What was going on during that time, that allowed you to have those
feelings and emotions of joy?  What could you do similar today to
re-create those same feelings?  How willing are you, to do the things
you need to do, to improve those feelings and capture those thrilling
feelings that you experienced in that moment before?

You see, since you have indeed experienced those positive feelings
before, your mind has acted like a shelf in a library of old books,
holding all those feelings from the past, and you can in fact,
experience them again.  All you need to do is take time out to
FEEL those FEELINGS.  Then put them together with those positive
thoughts, words, and actions.  You could even put a little body
movement together with this OR do a little dance.

Does this make you feel silly?  Could it even make you feel like a
child again?  Allow yourself to have fun with this and have a few
laughs.  You deserve to be filled with joy and experience great
times again!  Let the good times roll!

Susan M. Hampton has a passion for empowering people to discover
New Omnipotent Ways for achieving their success, fun, fulfillment,
and a sense of freedom. Her clients say she has an amazing gift
of inspiring others to experience breakthroughs, which lead to
immediate solutions in their lives.

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